who i am and why i’m here

so i’ve been getting way too into cooking over the past couple months, and i’ve started wondering why i’m not contributing my own thoughts and experiences with all the time i’ve been spending on countless blogs and all the (poor) photographs i’ve taken.

i’m all kinds of stuck trying to set up the site i have in my head. wordpress is supposed to be easy, so i’m starting with that and even following the ‘zero to hero’ guides (for now).

as i am not exactly SuperCook, i thought i would do best by sharing some of what inspires me each week from around the web, and the widely varied results that come from said inspiration and various other factors (desperate hunger, boredom, nostalgia, empty pockets, etc). the other big thing i want to focus on is becoming a tour guide for the adventure of hunting for that perfect recipe (safari hats welcome but not required), and providing a place for you to share your own cooking adventures.

i leave you with a typical scene from a simple adventure.

a taste of things to come