i’m ryan, and this is page is here to inform you that my new obsession is cooking. it’s so overwhelming that i’m putting myself out there on the internet. sure, it is likely that almost no one will see this, but for me that’s still a big thing. so, cooking! i’ve always like to do it, but only ever had a couple tricks up my sleeve. this  go round the rules are to make at least one new thing each day. i’ve been Bookmarking at least ten times that, but i guess that doesn’t reeeally count. but it might help you make something new! i’m taking my food journeys and sharing them with you, starting with all the different pages i visit and bookmarks i make along the path to the ‘perfect recipe’ at the end of the trail. if i ever figure out how to use this site i hope you will share your adventures with me, too 🙂


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