cook’s log: candied ginger from cdkitchen

the recipe i used from cdkitchen led to much tasty. thanks!

sweet. hot. unmistakable. ginger candy is about as good as it gets. this was my first attempt at it, and i was super pleased with the results. i’m hoping to get to the smooth and chewy consistency of the candy from the Ginger People, but it’s not the kind of thing i can gobble up quickly so round 2 is a ways off.

i reserve the right to be lazy and talk about this very generally whilst pointing to the link up top for the specifics

i’ve wanted to make this for years but always steered clear because of the sugar and the fear of trying to make candy. i finally decided that sugar and candy are just going to be neighbors whether i like it or not. it never stopped me from buying it, why should it stop me from making it. and cdkitchen took care of the fear part. recipes are always clear and approachable.


doesn’t that look easy!? it’s easier than it looks, too. sugar + water + ginger + heat + time = candy! i should really have just typed out the super easy recipe or learned how to do the plugin thing for recipes…but i didn’t!


post cooking, pre sugaring. they’re in time out until they think about what they’ve done (and dry out) i should have used a wire rack…but i didn’t!


this was maybe even cooler than the candy. you can keep reducing the leftover liquid till you have a pretty wildly delicious ginger syrup. if i had prepared for this i could have canned it properly…but i didn’t!


ok, so the candy is still better than the syrup. i left half of it without the extra sugar as an experiment. i should have tasted it first and found out that i liked it without the coating…but i didn’t! (notice the pattern?) it worked out ok tho because my roommate liked the extra sugar side better.

that’s it! i should have stopped here to preview this post…but, well you know 🙂


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