cook’s log: a typical twist on Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars from Once Upon a Chef

the recipe from Once Upon a Chef was modified because peanut butter, not because it was lacking at all. Jenn’s blog is probably my favorite (don’t tell the others). she’s my blog crush today 🙂

i’ve been making a lot with oats lately. amongst all the breakfast oat bakes and granola and granola bars and power balls, this was the biggest crowd-pleaser by far and the closest i’ve come to making somethign that tastes like it could come off the shelf…of a grocery store in heaven (there’s never a line to checkout, btw). Of course it came from Once Upon a Chef!

i only have two pictures because i can only take so many pictures of a bowl of oats. ok, ok, there’s no limit to that, i just got lazy. you’ve already seen one, but i’ll just post that again at the bottom and show this almost identical one now!


look how together it stayed! after it sat in the fridge and set, i scored it with a terrible and dull knife and it broke right up into bars. i didn’t take pictures of any of that!

there has been a lot of variation in my oat experiences in terms of crunch and clustering and sweetness, but it’s pretty much always tasty (except that one time…). this one was perfect. i took the recipe word for some of the words and added peanut butter because duh. then i did my best to shave some semisweet baker’s chocolate to put on top (after you bake it so they don’t melt and stuff). i really like the shards and flakes, but in addition to dispersing it more evenly, i should have pressed them into the bars a little more. still, perfect enough. i give it 10 out of delicious. here’s that first pic again 🙂



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