blog crush: Once Upon a Chef

Once Upon a Chef has the best organised posts i’ve found on any food site. the pictures and directions are second to none in terms of clarity and helpfulness. this follows for the site as a whole, too. going to jenn’s site is like being back in your kitchen after making cooking in other homes. you can zip around and grab just what you need without thinking, maybe even without looking (as long as it isn’t a blade attachment for a Ninja blender, because i just cut myself typing about it). anyway, it just makes sense, and it looks good doing it.

now all this stuff wouldn’t matter at all without great recipes, and i only found out how much i liked the site because of how much i liked the food i made from it. It may just be in my head, but i feel like the recipes are healthy without sacrificing ingredients. i believe in moderation and balance rather than counting each calorie and cutting ingredients out of meals when the change really alters the dish for the worse, and this is a site that fits perfectly with what i’m after.

a couple of things i’ve enjoyed so far:

i actually wrote about these Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars (that’s a link to her recipe. this is the link to my words about it)

see! i did that!


Chicken Curry is the kind of dish i think a lot of people are afraid to try making. i’d probably have stayed in that group if it weren’t from this site.


Perfect Basmati Rice – this is the best rice i’ve every made. thx 🙂


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