cook’s log: roasted butternut squash

the recipe from food 52. thank you for the inspiration, Amelia! this squash has been on my counter for far too long (butternut squash keeps for a long time, it turns out)
oi! that looks like oil…i am looking at this picture and wishing i could reach back in time and put something under those puppies and thereby avoid a lot of scrubbing. i know a mess is coming, but somehow i convince myself that ‘maybe this time,’ or ‘well, the recipe didn’t say anything, after all.’ denial; i feel like i know you so well, yet i never recognise you until it is 2 l8.

i grew up with acorn squash cooked with butter and brown sugar in the convenient built-in bowl. tonight’s was going to be more like this. i was in the mood for some pepper/rosemary/olive oil somethings, but i happened upon Food 52‘s recipe and got hooked by the inclusion of orange juice. sweet won out again! the surprise should not be that great.

i was bad. i hardly took any pictures. the roommates were home and the kitchen was crowded. there were fish and rice and bread concerns (although our ezpz breadmaker bore pretty much all the responsibility as far as the bread was concerned). all that was asked for was oil (rubbed over surface) salt/pepper to taste, brown sugar and orange juice. the hardest part was cutting the thing in half. we didn’t respect our knives, and as a result they don’t cooperate too well when facing a task such as this…that’s twice i’ve been reminded of Gilmore Girls in this one little post. i ought to feel bad that it isn’t more. anyway, we have an absurd cleaver-looking device that did the trick all right in the end. hmm, only two pictures, and not much to say. ah, 400 degrees (is there a handy symbol thingy?) for 45-55 min did the trick. it’s done when a fork goes in easily enough that you want to pull a bite back out with it 🙂


garlic pepper mahi mahi over boring brown rice. topped with my only parsley plant’s best, and no one else even ate it :/

i liked it a lot. the orange juice really mixed it up and left it hardly tasting like squash. i think some more spice would have been great. pumpkin spices or just some ground cloves / nutmeg would give it more to counter the super sweet taste of the orange/brown sugar combo.

if you aren’t familiar with roasted squash, you gotta try it the next time the grass is orange…er on the other side of the fence. maybe it’s nostalgia, but i’d start with butter/brown sugar.

ps don’t eat the ‘skin’ on this one (or did i miss out?)

pps i kept wanting to call them veggies, but i guess they’re a fruit *shrug*


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