blog crush: A Year of Slow Cooking

A Year of Slow Cooking is really where this all started for me. i had just gotten back into cooking after years away from it. a friend recommended this site, and it was my first experience exploring a site for inspiration. previously i had always had keywords floating in my head and nothing in my stomach when i got online to look for a recipe. ‘hmm, i have noodles,’ or ‘i really need to use these tomatoes’ would be my starting points. it was all function and no fun. it was ‘ction.’ i haven’t even said anything about this site yet. is it just here for personal reasons? nope nope, but i think that would have been enough. you could just have clicked away if you didn’t agree [are you really still reading my babbling incoherence? what? you love it 😉 aww, thanks!] reason #1 Stephanie is funny. her personality really comes through despite the fairly professional approach to her posts. i think everyone else is more coherent than me, but she is great at being concise and still very personable. she must just have so much personality that a sprinkle here and there shines through. i’m giving up trying to pick the right spice to make an analogy with 🙂 reason #2 there is a huge variety of things you can try. some are off-the-wall, others are standard fare, and a lot of them are just fun things that you wouldn’t picture being so well-suited for the little appliance. you could dig for a long time and not come up with so varied a list. of course, she did dedicate a year to the endeavor. i think it paid off. reason #3-10000 crock pots / slow cookers i’d like to take a moment to introduce the slow pot! those other names just don’t sound nice. but borrow a little from each and you have something special. it flows, it’s fun, it gets rid of k’s (usually a good thing in my book…oops). so Slow Pots are a great way to get into cooking, and this site is all about that journey. if your bag of cooking tricks consists of spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, and meatloaf, slow pots will blow your mind, and they’re really cheap for what they allow you to do. the best thing is that when i was starting to exhaust my interest in the recipes, i found myself looking for other means of making the same dishes. it was such a natural step to go from the ‘throw it all in and turn the knob’ approach to something a little more hands on. some favs from the site: 5-Ingredient Homemade Beef Stew– nothing will replace my mom’s beef stew, but this was my first solo adventure with it, so it’s special for me. i even made it in the same slow pot i grew up eating from! (thanks, mom) P1020708 21-Ingredient Chili Slow Cooker Recipe– i pretty much made a bunch of soups/stews/you get the idea. i love soup. You Can Make Yogurt in Your Crock Pot– (or your Slow Pot) just so you don’t think she only did soups, this was one of those mind-blowing cooking experiences for me. so much can be make from scratch so easily. i’ve since moved on to doing this in a large pot on the stove, but i’m so glad i found this recipe. thanks, Stephanie! I’m really selling this site short in terms of variety. Just check out the Desserts page! and there is a page called ‘Fun Stuff’ and another for her ‘Flops,’ a page for recipes you shouldn’t make! there you have it! you thought this post was long at first, but then you realised that i fit 9998 reasons into a few lines of text. you owe me.


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