cook’s log: spicy chicken wings adobo

my tasty dinner was made possible by one of many delicous recipes over at My Bare Cupboard. Thanks 🙂

here’s the link to the recipe, in case you don’t want all the talky.

i don’t eat a lot of meat. i like meat, i just don’t have a lot of tricks with it and don’t often have it around because it doesn’t keep too long. this little adventure in cooking is a step toward changing that.

you need this stuff (and some chicken):


i loved the prep for this meal. garlic: peeled, or not! do i mince? nah, just smush it….i think i like the way ‘smousch’ looks better. one day i will have a recipe that calls for smousched garlic. do you think i would look good with a smouschstache?


pan + oil + heat + time (5ish min)


oh, too many details…remember the recipe? she says it better, anyhow. this is more of a…recipe review. or maybe i’ll come back through and write the rest out later.


and then it was this! i can’t say that what i made is quite what Anne accomplished, but it was super tasty anyway.


so i learned another thing about making meat things. i wish i had taken a picture of the mess i made along with the meal. the upshot is that i don’t have to worry about a fried food addiction, despite how tasty it turned out.

ps check out Anne’s blog, My Bare Cupboard. i came for the chicken and left much later with about 20 new dishes…ok, 20 new desserts 😉 i think i should accept that dinner just isn’t my thing. here are a couple highlights:

Japanese Soufflé Cheesecake

Hongkong-Style Egg tarts

Japanese Milk Bread with Blueberry Sauce Filling


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