cook’s log: granola-ola-ola

look! this recipe i used from Tried and Tasty is  posted right at the top in case you don’t like reading all the stuff 🙂 here’s the gist of what it calls for, in case you are relying on what you have lying around:

oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, salt, cinnamon, ginger, coconut oil, honey and vanilla

here’s an obligatory picture of my results:

honey almond granola

a few notes:

-cook’s logs are the things i make. they are almost always inspired by bloggers and bigger food sites, as my own recipe book is, well, not even a link yet!

-a goal of this site is to keep me from ever repeating a recipe. it’s tough when i run into great ones like this, but a repeat wouldn’t be much of an adventure, and these are meant to be my cooking adventures, passed along to you.

-granola ola ola ola

i found myself at tried and tasty staring at Yvonne’s Honey Almond Granola a couple nights ago. as it’s almost gone now, i thought i’d better write about it before it’s a distant memory. i haven’t figured out the widgets and doodads on here yet, so i happily recommend heading on over to her site for the recipe and her (more coherent) anecdotes.

P1020960 P1020957  P1020961 P1020965honey almond granola

Keep saying it: granola-ola-ola-ola-ola! i might be guilty of talking to myself a lot. i can’t help that i like my own humor, and it’s usually just me and the eggs. i always crack them up, at least 😉 just try saying it, see how many ‘ola’s work for you. everyone is different; for me it’s five.

*ahem* so granola…doesn’t last long. i’m not much for math, but i figure 4 cups + 3 people <= 2 day’s worth of granola. and it’s so expensive at the store, and oats are just so cheap. it’s one of the big things that made me want to start cooking more. it’s not that i’m cheap, i’m just insatiable and not made of money (i might be made up largely of granola at this point, though). this is granola #6 or 7 for me and the second i’ve made with coconut oil. it only fits with certain flavors, but i prefer it to other oils or butter so far when the flavor works. still looking for lighter options, because granola no last long, as mentioned a second ago.

honey almond granola tucked away in jars

ahhh, memories. look how full they were! i suppose nothing lasts forever. speaking of which, bye!

ps get one of these:    P1020959


2 thoughts on “cook’s log: granola-ola-ola

    1. omygolly! my little fledgling blog; you stopped by 🙂 i feel like a friend just popped in and my place is a mess, or rather i just moved and the truck hasn’t shown up with any of my stuff. thanks so much!


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